My photography business is named Leila (pronounced Lee-eye-la) after my 92 year old grandma, who filled her home with photo albums, her walls with beloved prints, and my heart with an appreciation for the legacy of an image.

I do life with my wonderful husband of 18 years, our two ornery, amazing boys, 7 and 11, and a cat. We are not-cat-people who now have a cat, but that is a story for another time.  Our imperfect family loves Jesus and stays constantly thankful for grace. Coffee is my love language. A cup feels like love and happiness to me, so if I offer to bring you coffee, and it’s not your jam, just know I’m loving on you and tell me you want a Dr. Pepper instead. (We are in Waco, right?!?)_RBS0810-Edit copy

I’ve taught for 10 years collectively, but became slightly infatuated with pandas over the last 3 years, as I taught a group of Pre-K students we called the Pre-K Pandas.  I had chosen the animal for alliteration, but ended up creating an unexpected classroom culture.  My students were MY Pandas, and their families were an extended part of the Panda Family. Leaving the classroom in May wasn’t easy, but taking a leap of Faith – growing my photography business to full-time – is a dream come true. I realized that personally, pandas had come to represent more than my students, though. They symbolized a culture of love, kindness and belonging that was so much a part of me, it couldn’t remain in my classroom when I shut the door that last time. So, I was excited (more like giddy) when I found an artist who could refine my logo to reflect my desire to serve the tiniest population and their families, with that same sense of connectedness and love.

I want to help you fill your home with heirloom albums, your walls with beloved prints, and your hearts with a sense of wonder at the miracle of your children and family. I can’t wait to meet you.


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